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CILS – Italian Certificate as a Foreign Language- Vancouver

The Vancouver Italian Language School has been officially accredited as an authorized examination centre for the CILS exams (Certification of Italian as a Second Language). 

The accreditation has entered among the University for Foreigners of Siena with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and our School.

The CILS certification is a qualification which declares the level of linguistic and communicative competences in Italian as a foreign language. The exams are designed to assess how learners use Italian to communicate in real-life situations.

CILS is the first certification of Italian as foreign language to have adopted the system of six levels of linguistic and communicative competence proposed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For candidates who require certification for citizenship purposes (whether they are married to an Italian or are resident in Italy) CILS B1 Citizenship/ B1 Cittadinanza is the examination intended for them.

Exam Fee

The cost for CILS B1 Citizenship will be 180$ + GST. This price includes the 150$ enrollment fee (147 Euros + fluctuation) that will be paid directly to the University for Foreigners of Siena. In addition to this fee, we charge an additional 48$ for admin fee. Please contact us for payment instructions.

About our CILS Test

More info about the test:

  • The exam will be activated with a minimum of 8 candidates for all levels.
  • The exams will be in person in a test center located in Vancouver downtown.
  • Our exam administrators and teachers are trained by the CILS Centre.

CILS is a founding member of CLIQ (Italian Certification of Quality) and a member of EALTA (European Association for Language Testing and Assessment), the European association that aims to promote knowledge of testing and language assessment in Europe. In this way, the CILS Centre is committed to ensure the ethical management of the evaluation process.

Certification Processing

Please notice that it will take up to 60 days (CILS B1 Cittadinanza) to get the exam results and that we are not able to post certificates. Certificates have to be collected by yourself in person or by someone on your behalf with a copy of your ID and an authorization approval form. Certificates will arrive about 3/4 months after the results.


For more info please send an email to or call our office 604.682.1410 (M – F, 10am – 4pm)