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The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada – West is pleased to host delegates from San Martino Vini in Vancouver from OCT 17 to OCT 19 and will be present at our upcoming Flavours of Italy tasting event on OCT 19.


The delegates will be meeting with interested wine merchants and distributors to find the right wine agents for the region of British Columbia.


The San Martino estate is located in a splendid land crossed by the river Piave. This magnificent territory, set between the Dolomites and Venice, is home to all the outstanding viticulture in the province of Treviso.


Since the 60s, from grandfather Luigi Cescon to his son Giovanni then on to his grandson Walter, the company has always believed in nature, honest human labour and a search for quality deeply rooted in tradition but open to innovation and technology.


San Martino runs the entire production supply chain in-house. The valuable grapes, even today still hand picked in the adjacent vineyards, are processed in their winery where modern technologies join up with love for tradition and a passion for wine making. Each step of the vinification process, from grape selection to bottling, is carried out with loving care to guarantee delicious top quality wine. San Martino’s wine making equipment, the heart of the winery, is designed for the second fermentation of Prosecco and the laboratory constantly controls fragrance, flavour and aroma to ensure an excellent and memorable taste.


San Martino processes red wines such as Cabernet and Malbec as well as exhilarating white wines such as Pinot Grigio and DOC or DOCG Prosecco, in dry, extra dry, millesimato and rosè versions.


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If you are interested in scheduling a meeting (OCT 17 &18), please email




Oct 17 2019


9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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