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Authentic Italian Table at the Drive

For the first time, Italian Day will feature an entire intersection dedicated to food and wine samplings presented by the Italian Chamber of Commerce as the ‘Authentic Italian Table’ Piazza, showcasing more than 10 stations with a variety of participants and products.

Taking up the whole depth of the Grant street intersection, the attraction will offer attendees an opportunity to experience authentic Italian food products, fine wines and liquors, and gastronomic delights created in collaboration with local chefs.


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Tickets to enter the Piazza can be purchased in advance via our Eventbrite page or on site at the festival. You receive 1 ticket FREE for every group of 10 !

Buy your ticket in advance to skip the line up!

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Food, Wine and Beverage Vendors at  the Authentic Italian Table piazza:


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Today, Italian cuisine is re-interpreted and reconstructed across the globe. The end result is that what Canadians may be familiar with as Italian food isn’t really Italian due to misused ingredients or using products without DOP and IGP certifications. The Authentic Italian Table is bringing back pure
flavours, celebrating certified Italian ingredients and bringing Canadians the extraordinary taste of
traditional dishes.


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The program The Extraordinary Italian Taste – Promotion and Enhancement of the authentic Italian
agri-food products is promoted and financed by the Ministry of Economic Development in
collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West (ICCC) and other eight Italian
Chambers of Commerce in North America (Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles,
Miami, New York and Mexico City).
The project is part of a national campaign whose main goal is to promote awareness in North
America about the authentic and certified agri-food Italian products, as in the continent
supermarkets’ shelves extensively host many products evoking Italy, neither having any connection
to Italy, nor involving an Italian manufacture.

To learn more about Italy’s project for the promotion of authentic Italian DOP and IGP products in North America, visit the official website of the project