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“Canadian Day”

Canadian Day – CETA and new business opportunities with Canada 

Thursday, March 29, 2018 9.00 am
Confcommercio Union – Sala Colucci (Corso Venezia, 47 – Milan)

CETA and the new business opportunities with Canada for Italian companies will be the focus of a meeting organized on March 29th in Milan by AICE – Italian Association of Foreign Trade, in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Italy. 

The objective of the event, hosted at the Unione Confcommercio headquarters, is to inform Italian companies on the main points of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the agreement signed between the European Union and Canada on 30 October 2016, illustrating the characteristics of the Canadian market, the methods of exporting and importing goods and services, giving useful suggestions to promote the presence and strategies of internationalization of Italian companies in Canada. 

CETA, which is now on provisional execution as of 21 September, will produce its effects and benefits on European companies and, obviously, to Italian companies, thanks to the reduction of tariff barriers, the protection of intellectual property, the opening, European companies, public sector calls for tenders at all levels, recognition of professional qualifications. 

Among the speakers will intervene the lawyer Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner of Nctm Law Firm, director of the Centro Studi Italia Canada and vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, active for a long time in Italy-Canada relations and with a great experience in cross-border transactions with the North American country. 
There will be also, testimonies from Italian operators involved in import / export with Canada.


Lionella Bertazzon, Senior Investment Officer Embassy of Canada in Italy

Luca De Carli, Deputy Head of Unit – Trade Strategy at European Commission – DG Trade 

Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner of Nctm Studio Legale, director of the Centro Studi Italia Canada 

Riccardo Massetti, Ocean Choice International Exporting company (TBC) 

Luigi Merati, Sales Manager JAS Spa 


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