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La Scuola
Vancouver Italian Language School​

Learn at La Scuola

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West - Vancouver Office is pleased to offer Italian lessons for all levels and Italian conversation classes to our Members and to anyone who is interested in learning Italian, increasing his/her level or learning more about the Italian culture. For more information, check our current schedule or contact us.

Language of Culture

Knowledge of Italian means access to history of Europe, access to an invaluable body of works in science and humanities, access to Italian theatre, music, opera, cinema and television production.

Language of Business

Manager, investors, technicians, and other workers get regularly in touch with the Italy industry, technology, and services that is expanding continiously across our country’s boundaries.

Language of Art

When speaking Italian, your acquaintance of the beautiful Italy and its hospitable people, between cities of art and marvels of nature, becomes a true pleasure.

Language of Study

Scores of foreign students decide every year to enroll in Italian universities and academies, or visit Italian libraries and archives.

Why Study Italian At La Scuola - Vancouver Italian Language School?

Students choose our school because:


2022 next available starting dates

Fall October 3 - December 17 (11 weeks)

Beginner 1, 2 & 3

Students gain the understanding and speaking skills necessary for everyday social situations while learning basic Italian grammar and pronunciation.

They will be able to respond to simple questions about family, likes/dislikes, and pastimes, order a meal in a restaurant, express their needs in a store, make a hotel reservation, and communicate simple ideas both orally and in writing.

Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 1 – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 *UPDATED CLASS PLAN*



Intermediate 1, 2, 3, & Plus

Students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, improve pronunciation and learn idioms.

At the end of the course, they will be able to speak Italian with some confidence, take part in routine conversations in everyday social and travel contexts, and understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary.

Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 2 – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 *UPDATED CLASS PLAN*


Advanced 1, 2, 3, & Plus

Students take part in extended conversations, write simple essays and understand most of a newspaper article or a lecture.

By the end of this level, they will be able to communicate effectively in Italian.

Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 3 – Part 1 and Part 2


Special Classes

Learn Italian Through Music​

Music is one of the greatest tools for learning Italian. Discover how sound and lyrics can work in unison to open the world of this musical language. While enjoying the music on its own, it will also act as a fun and helpful instrument to go from a complete novice to an accomplished conversationalist. taking you on a journey to places real and emotional will help you improve your language skills in a fun way.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Grammar With A Twist

Don’t be fooled by the most common mistakes!

Grammar is tricky and can be an inconsistent thing. Being the backbone of speech and writing, it should, we think, be eminently logical, and make perfect sense, as the human skeleton. But, of course, the skeleton is arbitrary, too.

So grammar is.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Ciao, travelers!

Learn Italian for Beginners & Travelers – Enjoy Your Trip!
This course is designed for people who want to get the most out of their trip to Italy and students who want to start communicating with their family or friends. There are typical and most common scenarios that a beginner student or traveler will encounter on their trip to Italy. This course is designed to arm the student with knowledge that will be most relevant for their trip.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Chiacchiere & Caffé​

Join our Virtual gathering to practice your Italian conversation skills with Sara, and a group of fellow learners. This is not a course, this is a coffee meeting, a small friendly group in a relaxed environment where to talk about different topics and what you are interested in.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


L'Italiano: Proverbi e Modi di Dire

L’italiano: Proverbi e Modi di dire is for high intermediate and advanced learners of Italian and is intended to improve your Italian speaking skills in everyday situations through conversational practice. 

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Business Italian

The course is designed mainly for professionals in commercial and economic fields doing business with the Italian market. Emphasis will be given to the teaching of a specialized vocabulary and the development of oral and written skills for business communication.

The course will handle topics such as business terminology, common etiquette of the most common business situations, business letter formats, commercial invoice analysis, and trade catalogues requirements.

Starting Dates: Upon request
Price: Upon request

CILS Certification

The Vancouver Italian Language School is an officially accredited and an authorized examination centre for the CILS exams (Certification of Italian as a Second Language) in Canada.

For candidates who require certification for citizenship purposes (whether they are married to an Italian or are resident in Italy) we offer CILS B1 Citizenship/ B1 Cittadinanza.

Next CILS Exam Date

July 21st – 2022
Registrations will close on June 20th

October 20th – 2022
Registrations will close on September 10th

December 15th – 2022
Registrations will close on November 5th

Administrative Hours

We are happy to answer your calls between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Outside these hours please contact us by email

Our teachers

The teachers at the La Scuola Vancouver Italian Language School are native speakers with university qualifications and experienced in teaching Italian as a second language.

Do you need more information?

If you are interested in any of our courses or you have any questions, please send us a message.

Tickets for La Grande Festa are Now Available!

Join us for the The Italian Chamber of Commerce 30th anniversary Gala Dinner.