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The only Italian language school in Western Canada officially accredited CILS examination center by the University for Foreigners of Siena and by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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Language of Culture

By understanding the Italian language, you'll unlock a deeper connection with the country's cultural heritage, access to history of Europe, Italian theatre, music, opera, and cinema production.

Language of Business

Mastering Italian opens up many business opportunities. Manager, investors, technicians, and other workers get regularly in touch with the Italy industry, technology, and services : fluency in Italian can give you a competitive edge.

Language of Art

When speaking Italian, your acquaintance of the beautiful Italy and its hospitable people, between cities of art and marvels of nature, becomes a true pleasure.

Language of Study

Scores of foreign students decide every year to enroll in Italian universities and academies, or visit Italian libraries and archives.

Why Study Italian At La Scuola - Vancouver Italian Language School?

Students choose our school because:


Registration Now Open for 2024 Classes!

Session: January to March 2024

Beginner 1, 2 & 3

  • Develop understanding and speaking skills for everyday social situations in Italian.
  • Learn basic Italian grammar and pronunciation.
  • Respond confidently to simple questions about family, likes/dislikes, and pastimes.
  • Acquire the ability to order a meal in a restaurant.
  • Express needs and preferences while shopping.
  • Gain the skills to make a hotel reservation.
  • Communicate simple ideas effectively both orally and in writing.

Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 1 – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 *UPDATED CLASS PLAN*



Intermediate 1, 2, 3, & Plus

  • Develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Improve pronunciation and learn idioms.
  • Speak Italian with confidence by the end of the course.
  • Take part in routine conversations in everyday social and travel contexts.
  • Understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary.

Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 2 – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 *UPDATED CLASS PLAN*


Advanced 1, 2, 3, & Plus

  • Take part in extended conversations.
  • Write simple essays.
  • Understand most of a newspaper article or a lecture.
  • Communicate effectively in Italian by the end of this level.

Textbook: Nuovo Espresso 3 – Part 1 and Part 2


Special Classes

Learn Italian Through Music​

Music is one of the greatest tools for learning Italian. Discover how sound and lyrics can work in unison to open the world of this musical language. While enjoying the music on its own, it will also act as a fun and helpful instrument to go from a complete novice to an accomplished conversationalist. taking you on a journey to places real and emotional will help you improve your language skills in a fun way.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Grammar With A Twist

Don’t be fooled by the most common mistakes!

Grammar is tricky and can be an inconsistent thing. Being the backbone of speech and writing, it should, we think, be eminently logical, and make perfect sense, as the human skeleton. But, of course, the skeleton is arbitrary, too.

So grammar is.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Learn Italian for Travel

Learn Italian for Travel – Enjoy Your Trip!
This course is designed for people who want to get the most out of their trip to Italy and students who want to start communicating with their family or friends. There are typical and most common scenarios that a beginner student or traveler will encounter on their trip to Italy. This course is designed to arm the student with knowledge that will be most relevant for their trip.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.

Chiacchiere & Caffé​

Join our Virtual gathering to practice your Italian conversation skills with Sara, and a group of fellow learners. This is not a course, this is a coffee meeting, a small friendly group in a relaxed environment where to talk about different topics and what you are interested in.

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


L'Italiano: Proverbi e Modi di Dire

L’italiano: Proverbi e Modi di dire is for high intermediate and advanced learners of Italian and is intended to improve your Italian speaking skills in everyday situations through conversational practice. 

Students will be provided with handouts and class materials. No textbook is required.


Business Italian

The course is designed mainly for professionals in commercial and economic fields doing business with the Italian market. Emphasis will be given to the teaching of a specialized vocabulary and the development of oral and written skills for business communication.

The course will handle topics such as business terminology, common etiquette of the most common business situations, business letter formats, commercial invoice analysis, and trade catalogues requirements.

Starting Dates: Upon request
Price: Upon request

CILS Certification

The Vancouver Italian Language School is an officially accredited and an authorized examination centre for the CILS exams (Certification of Italian as a Second Language) in Canada.

For candidates who require certification for citizenship purposes (whether they are married to an Italian or are resident in Italy) we offer CILS B1 Citizenship/ B1 Cittadinanza.

Next CILS B1 Exam Date

– APRIL11 2024 – B1, B2, C1

Registrations will close on March 7

– JUNE 5 2024 – B1, B2, C1

Registrations will close on April 22

– JULY 18 2024 – B1

Registrations will close on June 12

– OCTOBER 17 – B1

Registrations will close on September 10

– DECEMBER 5 – B1, B2, C1

Registrations will close on October 18


Administrative Hours

We are happy to answer your calls between 10:00 am to  4 pm.

Outside these hours please contact us by email school@iccbc.com.


If you wish to sit a CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam, we strongly recommend you first assess your level by downloading the documents beside and testing your Italian.

All cancellation requests must be received via email before the second class of the course. Where cancellations are received before the first class, Vancouver Italian Language School will withhold $50 cad as administrative fee.

Where cancellations are received before the second class, Vancouver Italian Language School will withhold $75 cad as administrative fee.

After the second class refund applications will be refused.

Vancouver Italian Language School will process all refunds within five business days of receipt of both email and the bank account or card details.



Private students must contact the School office at (604) 682-1410 or school@iccbc.com, or the Instructors at least 24 hours (for lessons taken on weekdays) and 48 hours (for lessons taken on Saturday and Sunday) before a scheduled class to inform them about the cancellation. Any cancellations or schedule changes made after that time will be deducted from your package lessons as we are obligated to pay for the Instructor’s scheduled time.

All registration fees are payable:

  • by e-transfer to school@iccbc.com
  • by cheque (made out to the Italian Chamber of Commerce) sent at 409 Granville St, Suite 1209 – Vancouver BC V6C 1T2, or
  • through credit card calling the Italian Chamber of Commerce at the +1(604) 682 1410

Students are required to pay the full course fee no later than two days before the first class.

Vancouver Italian Language School reserves the right to discontinue or rearrange classes. A course may be cancelled if an insufficient number of students register. In this event, tuition fee payments will be returned.

All cancellation requests must be received via email before the second class of the course. Where cancellations are received before the first class, Vancouver Italian Language School will withhold $50 cad as administrative fee.

Where cancellations are received before the second class, Vancouver Italian Language School will withhold $75 cad as administrative fee.

After the second class refund applications will be refused.

Vancouver Italian Language School will process all refunds within five business days of receipt of both email and the bank account or card details.



If a student, when registering, already knows that he/she is going to be missing more than the 50% of the course, he/she can pay the 50% of the total fee of the course before taxes. No other discount will be allowed. This arrangement must be taken before the first class. No arrangements, discounts or refunds will be allowed after the first class. Attendance will be monitored and the amount of classes agreed must be confirmed when registering.



Students will receive certificates of attendance upon completion of the 70% of the course (7 classes minimum out of a 10 or 11-class course).



Members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce have a 5% discount on the courses registration fee. No discount will be applied on the purchase of textbooks.  Discounts are cumulative but no discount will be allowed over 15%.



Vancouver Italian Language School will allow trial lessons in the limit of max. 1 per student.

Our teachers

The teachers at the La Scuola Vancouver Italian Language School are native speakers with university qualifications and experienced in teaching Italian as a second language.

Anna Lanzani

Anna is an international business consultant with extensive economic training. She graduated in 2001 cum laude in International Economics in Pavia and in Management International in Strasbourg (EM), she obtained a master’s degree in Strategic Marketing in London (2007) and an MBA in Buenos Aires ( 2016).  Beside working 20 years as marketing executive  and consultant in leading companies and in the promotion of Made in Italy in Europe, Asia and South America, Anna always cultivated her passion for italian culture, language and cuisine and is a certified language trainer (CEDILS -Ca’ Foscari) with more than 850 hours of university -level teaching experience. Her teaching mixes different  approaches, integrating  CLIL and TPR.

Sara was born and raised in the south of Italy, in the Campania region and studied in Naples at Federico II University. She holds a Master Degree in Social and Territorial Policies.

Sara started to teach Italian at the University of Tennessee as volunteer for adults and young students. After three years, with her husband, they decided to move to the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia where she teaches Italian in different schools.

I am very happy to continue to teach and help students who are interested and love the Italian language and culture.

Born and raised in the countryside close to Milan, Erica studied Chemistry, Science Communication and Sustainable Business, and worked in Canada, Italy and Germany. Living abroad has been important to understand how critical it is to learn a foreign language to communicate with people of other countries. Erica’s passion for interacting with people and sharing ideas between different cultural backgrounds brought her to learn new languages, and, since 2007, to teach Italian, her native language, to adults and children.

My name is Francesca, I come from the beautiful region of Puglia, in the south of Italy. I spent my childhood there before relocating to Rome for my studies. I completed my degree in Languages for Interpretation and Translation at the Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma. Since my early years, l’ve harbored a deep passion for foreign languages and cultures, prompting me to explore various places and eventually settle abroad. During my time in Rome, I taught English to children and Italian to Americans. It was during this period that I realized my profound love for my native language and country. This realization has fueled a strong desire within me to share my passion with others.

I grew up in Italy where I reached the rank of captain of the Air Force and as a lawyer obtained a doctorate in Commercial and Business Law at the Universitá degli Studi La Sapienza di Roma. I recently moved to Vancouver with my family. I am a lover of Italian cuisine, especially Sicilian, and a fan of “calcio”, but also of other sports. I spent my childhood and adolescence in my wonderful Sicily, specifically in Catania. Teaching is part of my DNA. Currently I am a University Professor and Associate Researcher of Law. I was an Italian instructor several universities and Italian associations, for instance at the Dante Alighieri Society, chapter Cali Colombia where I lived for several years. I’m a certified examinator for language exams. Teaching Italian is above all a way to promote Italian culture and “l’Italianitá.”

I was born in the small region of Molise and then moved to the north of Italy (Emilia-Romagna) at the age of 19. There I obtained my Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Protection of Human Rights. I discovered the passion for teaching while working as Assistant Grant Writer in an NGO in Greece. There I started to teach Italian to young refugees and to hold seminars about human rights in high schools and other non-formal educational settings. Once back in Italy, I continued to teach Italian to migrants and I started to study at Università per Stranieri di Siena.

Furthermore, as a Grant Writer, I had the chance to promote inclusion and diversity in the education system, thanks to proposals I made in the areas of Youth and Children, Disabled people, Education and Social Services. I proposed strategies for parents, teachers and community workers to confront educational poverty in disadvantaged backgrounds, introducing intercultural teaching practices with the help of cultural-linguistic mediators.

To me teaching holds so many invaluable meanings: it is turning into success the potential that every student has; it is understanding our communities to build better ones; it is a life-learning process thanks to the engagement with students from different backgrounds; it is falling in love every time with the Italian culture.

I was born in Canada to Italian parents. Grew up in a vibrant Italian-Canadian community in Metro Vancouver while spending the summers at my family home in the Veneto region. I studied French and Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia and received my Masters degree from the University of Toronto. Along with guiding cycle tours in Puglia, I also studied at the Università di Lecce, the Università per Stranieri di Siena and the Università per Stranieri di Perugia where I took classes for Italian language teachers. I teach French Immersion and Spanish with the Vancouver School Board and I am always excited to share my love of Italian language and culture through storytelling with students attending courses at the Chamber of Commerce.

Originating in the enchanting city of Brescia, Italy, Alex Sebastianelli’s journey has evolved into a captivating story of education. Currently thriving within the dynamic environment of a private school, their true passion lies in introducing children to the captivating world of the Italian language.
In the heart of their classroom, Alex’s role as an Italian language educator takes on profound significance. Their unique ability to connect with young learners and cultivate a fascination for Italian culture and language is both inspiring and transformative. With dedication and an innate love for teaching, they create an atmosphere where every lesson becomes an exploration of language and a journey of personal growth. Alex’s journey echoes the essence of a dedicated educator who not only imparts knowledge but also ignites a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and richness of the Italian language, nurturing young minds in the process.

Rossana Copler is an Italian native speaker with experience in teaching. Her lessons are tailored to students’ needs and she focus on all aspects of the language such as speaking it, listening and reading comprehension. Most importantly she likes making her lessons fun using real life contexts, cultural aspects, visual aids and games.
She loves to travel and immerse herself in the cultures of the many places where she lived. For this reason, she left her beloved Italy to experience the cultural and spiritual elements of life in Malaysia, the United States and Canada. She published her first novel in Italian and English called Acqua in 2016, The Absolute Note in 2018, Songs of a secret in 2021 and Aqua, a Bilingual novel Italian/English for intermediate and advanced learners in 2022. Her writing explores both the dreams and the heartbreaks that co-exist in life. She creates a world where the healing power of love soothes the wounds of misunderstanding and offer hope for the heart to learn to love freely without prejudice. Born in Bergamo, Italy on the first of October in 1973, Rossana now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and two sons. 

Born and raised in a small town in the North-East of Italy, Stefano studied Cultural and Linguistic Mediation at the University of Udine and obtained a master’s degree in project management and European Studies as part of the Erasmus Mundus Program. He worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Ottawa and as an Italian teacher for foreigners, immigrants, asylum seekers and Erasmus+ volunteers in Italy for more than 2 years. His passion for travelling and exploring the world, made him interested in learning new languages and discovering new cultures, as well as sharing and conveying his mother tongue and culture to other people. Thanks to his experience in the Erasmus+ Program for non-profit associations in more than 25 projects as project coordinator, content manager, youth trainer and group facilitator for intercultural groups, he masters good expertise on content creating, teaching, team building, group dynamics, soft skills, communication and intercultural dialogue.

Born and raised in the cosmopolitan city of Trieste, a port city in the north-eastern part of Italy and an important bridge to Europe, Erika and her family moved to Canada in 1998, to embark on a new chapter of her life. It was here that she discovered her innate passion for teaching, initially through her role in local elementary schools’ Special Ed programs, and later on, teaching Italian in adult continuing education settings. The experience gained from adapting the curriculum to the individual needs of Special Ed students shows in the way she also structures her Italian lessons, to make sure everyone has a positive experience.

For the past 12 years, Erika has served as the Business Manager at an international certification body specializing in product compliance and a long-standing member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce. In this role, she’s been able to foster a close relationship with the chamber’s team, which has now turned them into a second family for her.

Having collaborated closely with the chamber for over a decade, Erika is excited to start this new journey and share her passion for the Italian language and culture with her first group of students.

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