Import / Distribution Opportunity: Face to Face with KIWINY

Kiwiny Jam Vancouver Italian Chamber Of Commerce

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West will be hosting in Vancouver on September 20th-21st the company Kiwiny.

The company commercializes annually about 1,000-1,300 tons of organic kiwis and aims to reach 2,000 tons within the next three years. The Kiwiny line of products feature kiwi pulp smoothies which come in three flavours:

  • ‘Pure’ 0avours, with 80% kiwi,
  • ‘Red’, with kiwi and apple, and
  • ‘Yellow’, with kiwi and pear.


The line also contains three jams with the same range of flavours and four summer juices, which combine kiwi with classic flavours such as apple, pear and banana or exotic notes of coconut, pineapple and spicy ginger. Around 80% of the firm’s products are exported, of which half goes to Europe. The rest is exported overseas, despite the various phytosanitary barriers.


Interested food importers, distributors, and retailers who like to work with an experienced exporter of quality organic fruits can meet face to face with the company senior representatives through scheduled meetings.

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To schedule your meeting with Kiwiny in Vancouver or for more information, send an email to or call 604 6821410.