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[:it]De Robertis Olive Oil[:]

[:it]“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” #WEAREICCBC is pleased to present the story of De Robertis Olive Oil.

Born in Canada to parents who emigrated from Italy and Croatia, Paolo always wanted to pursue his dream of living and working in Europe. After years of working in the legal services industries as a Financial Controller and Office Administrator in Vancouver Canada, he finally moved to Italy where he continued the same profession in Milan and later in Rome. But his two decades of dedication to legal services industry came to an end when he discovered the magic of Apuglia region through his wife Ottilia. It is there where he fell in love with the apuglian cuisine and olive oil in particular the Coratina Cultivar. He tasted a flavor unlike any other!

After learning the olive orchard business from his father-in-law, Dr. Donato De Robertis – the founder of the De Robertis Estate, Paolo with his business acumen and passion for fine cuisine set a vision to introduce this high quality extra virgin olive oil outside of Italy.

Today De Robertis prides itself in winning multiple international awards for its CHIAROSCURO, 100% Italian Monocultivar Coratina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The De Robertis CHIAROSCURO is high quality Extra Virgin olive oil made from the highest quality carefully selected coratina olives. CHIAROSCURO EVOO is characterized by a very low acidity degree and very high polyphenol concentration value.

While the coratina cultivar is typically used as an oil to blend with other oils to improve the quality of the latter oils, the coratina cultivar on its own produces an extra virgin olive oil of such a high quality that it is rarely bottled pure. CHIAROSCURO EVOO is made from 100% unblended coratina olives. A robust Coratina monocultivar from Puglia Italy.


Polyphenols are amongst the most precious components of extra-virgin olive oil, the only plant oil that is rich in them. They have been shown to have a host of beneficial effects from healing sunburn to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of coronary disease. The higher the polyphenols the higher the antioxidants! Today, CHIAROSCURO has the greatest concentration possible of Polyphenols.


CHIAROSCURO Coratina EVOO has an intense green fruitiness, hints of artichoke leaf and an elegant spiciness. In the mouth, powerful notes of leafy vegetables are present, including almonds, wild chicory and thistle.

Chiaroscuro (just like its name suggests) is an olive oil which loves contrasts and strong flavors, even when it comes to the kitchen: the sweetness of food makes this EVOO’s characteristic bitterness harmonious and balanced. Use it on bruschetta with salami or with Ventricina Teramana or on bruschetta with marinated salmon or tuna, or one with tasty sweet tomatoes. Chiaroscuro tastes also perfect on meat dishes (grilled, braised or stewed meat), as it makes the flavour impeccably harmonious and rich; moreover, it is also good on grilled vegetables or fish, and fantastic on lamb (Agnello alla Romana, abbacchio), pizzaiola meat and Gulasch.


For wholesale contact La Grotta del Formaggio wholesale division, or get your bottle of CHIAROSCURO, 100% Italian Monocultivar Coratina Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your favourite Urbanfare store.

Some noteworthy AWARDS
2020 AND 2019 Gold award from the Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive oil contest (in multiple categories).
2020 New York international olive oil contest.
Gambero Rosso Italian Oils 2020 with 2 leaves;
Berlin Extra Virgin Olive oil Contest” Platinum Prize;[:]