Green Oak Development is where Italian high-end fashion meets real estate. Distinguished by its European attitude, based on style and contemporary aesthetics, Green Oak is changing Vancouver’s panorama. Responding to the demand for contemporary elegance and long-term investments, Green Oak is merging the timeless beauty of yesteryear with the innovative concepts of today. Lasting class is essential in every project.

Green Oak is not just a team of developers, but also a leading interior design firm. To give its clients the superior quality they are looking for, the company is importing top-level kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, tiles, and many other furnishing and construction materials directly from Italy.

Green Oak is also a leading “Made in Italy” importer.Top quality Italian furniture and interior finishing products are not exclusive to their team of interior designers. Green Oak is importing and selling a growing number of Italian furnishing brands, to a large number of independent developers and interior designers teaming up with them to create long lasting synergies. Check out their project on Main Street, “The Independent”, to see how Italian Style can fit Vancouver!

Green Oak is not selling apartments or houses; it provides its clients with their own space, a place they can call home. Thanks to their expertise, Green Oak’s Creative team is assisting their clients every step of the way, from the purchase of the land, to the final furnishing of the rooms.

Green Oak is an ambassador of the Italian Style.Green Oak’s Creative team is mainly comprised of Italians. Their passion for quality and Italian style is combined with diversified backgrounds, ranging from fashion and advertising, to architecture and filming. This results in the creation of a unique professional team that is genuinely Italian, providing its clients with a touch of authenticity and the style they are looking for.

GREEN OAK’S MANIFESTOresponds to the demand for contemporary elegance and long-term investments, while honoring Vancouver’s nature as an internationally acclaimed city. This is the foundation of every multi-family project.

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