Apply for Prestigious “Ospitalita’ Italiana” Award: 20/21 Open Call [Italian Restaurants and Gelaterie]

Ospitalità Italiana Certification

Application for the Prestigious “Ospitalita’ Italiana” Certification is Now Open!


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The worldwide project aiming to certify Authentic Italian Restaurants abroad has been confirmed for 2020!

Ospitalità Italiana is a quality endorsement issued by Isnart to Italian restaurants all over the world that guarantees the respect of standards of Italian hospitality.

Why Ospitalita’ Italiana

Ospitalita’ Italiana main goals are:

  • Develop and promote the traditions of Italian food products and upgrade the culture of Italian food and wine;
  • Enhance the image of Italian restaurants abroad that guarantee respect of the quality standards of Italian hospitality;
  • Create an international network, providing for the realization of promotional events of Italian productive excellence.

Exciting Announcement

NEW!!! We are excited to announce that the certification is now also available for “Gelaterie”, and in the near future will be extended to “Pizzerie”.

How to Get Certified:

For more info about this project and how to apply, email or call 604.682.1410 (M/F 9 am -5 pm).


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