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Thank you for Attending A DINNER FOR ITALY with Chef Heinz Beck

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West would like to thank the Embassy of Italy to Canada for organizing such an engaging and memorable event. We are honoured to be collaborating with the embassy in this event along with other Italian Chambers in Canada namely, Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada, and the Italian Trade Agency.

The Chamber would like to also thank the speakers, special guests, attendees, as well as all the generous donors who joined us at the zoom event A DINNER FOR ITALY with Chef Heinz Beck on Thursday May 28 2020.

Special thanks to our VIP guest Michael Bublé. We all enjoyed having you as part of the closing ceremony of “Help Italy” Fundraising Campaign.

On behalf of all the organizers, we also would like to express our sincere thanks to chef Heinz Beck, the world renowned Chef of Italian Cuisine, for being an integral part of our celebration of Italian cuisine and sharing with us his wisdom.

Thanks to our special Canadian guest speakers, renowned chef Rob Gentile and sommelier Marie Andree’ Gagnon, as well as our special Italian guest speaker, serial entrepreneur, Oscar Farinetti, for sharing with us their unique insights.

Heartfelt thanks to the generous donors who responded to the “Help Italy” call. We are humbled by the number of support we received. Your donation really makes a difference for the most vulnerable in Italy and with every donation you have potentially saved a life and saved a family from losing a loved one. The Italian Red Cross is very appreciative of your support.

To all our attendees, we really hope you had fun, enjoyed this unique Zoom gathering, and that the event increased your knowledge and understanding of the Italian Cuisine and the Italian Culture!


Happy Month of June, The Month of the Italian Heritage.


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Looking forward to meeting you again at our upcoming event [eo_events event_start_after=”now”  numberposts=”1″ ]


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