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[blockquote text=”Thank you to our guests, the volunteers, friends, Italian vendors, APCI Canada and APCI Italy, the Italian Cultural Center, Vancouver Community College, the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver and the incredible team of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West.” text_color=”” width=”” line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”yes” quote_icon_color=””]

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West would like to THANK YOU FOR JOINING US AT PERFECT PASTA CULINARY MASTERCLASS BY WORLD TOP ITALIAN CHEFS Tuesday, Nov 19th, 2019.

We really hope you had fun, enjoyed the authentic Italian food and that the event increased your knowledge and understanding of the art of making the perfect pasta!!

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Looking forward to meeting you again at our upcoming event [eo_events event_start_after=”now”  numberposts=”1″ ]



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[icons size=’fa-x’ custom_size=” icon=’fa-camera-retro’ type=’normal’ position=” border=’yes’ border_color=” icon_color=’#000′ background_color=” margin=” icon_animation=” icon_animation_delay=” link=” target=’_self’] Photographer: The photos on this post are the courtesy of Food Influencer and Photographer David Peng