COVID-19, Lombardia Region’s urgent international call for new medical devices

Given the SARS-coV-19 emergency, the Lombardy Region Procurement Office – the area most affected by the virus in Italy – has just launched an international call to find the medical devices necessary for health and socio-health facilities to face the next two months.

Here companies can find the list of materials required, for the protection of doctors and healthcare personnel. Among these, for example, protective suits, different types of masks, visors, devices for non-invasive lung ventilation, beds for intensive care units.

Those interested can contact the Purchasing Office of ARIA S.p.A. – the Regional Innovation and Purchasing Company or the central commission of the Lombardy Region – directed by Carmen Schweigl, to whom you can write to the email address

Also, please copy us at so we will be able assist all companies in the process, and facilitate communications in collaboration with the Embassy’s offices and Lombardy Region institutions.


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