AGM 2021 Notice & 2020 Minutes

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada – West will take place at on Thursday, February 18th, 2021 at 6:00 p.m via tele- conference system (details below) to transact the following Business:

  1. Call to order
  2. Adoption of agenda
  3. President’s report
  4. Executive Director’s report
  5. Approval of Financial Statements as of December 31st, 2019
  6. Appointment of auditor
  7. Election Procedure for Partial Renewal of Board of Directors
    1. Appointment of Election Chair
    2. Adoption of election rules (see attached)
    3. Nominations for directors
    4. Election of Scrutineers, if ballot is required
    5. Ballot, if required
    6. Ballot Count
    7. Introduction of new members of Board of Directors
    8. Destruction of Ballots.
  8. Other business
  9. Adjournment

Instructions to Join 2021 E-AGM


With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak occurring, we will be hosting the AGM via zoom- conference system. Below are the links for the AGM to be hosted on Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting via Zoom App

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Meeting ID: 86274218789
Password: RWVZdzdLdzh3ZGxMUkF1cGt2TVBMQT09 


Proxy Form

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Please note that the link to the teleconference will be active starting at 6.00PM

If you are not able to join the conference, please fill out this Form of Proxy and return it by email to by February 10th 2021.

Need Assistance?

For any issues please text our Executive Director, Ilaria at 604 345 7405.

Kindly refer to the below documents for more information:


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liquor stores in Western Canada that have the finest selections of Italian wines

Legacy Wine

Italian wines are so well loved and respected, they’re almost synonymous with quality.

Line Decoration Bottom

While many might think of Tuscany and its Chianti with their pasta dishes, or Veneto and it’s prosecco and amarone, Italy is home to 20 wine regions and around 350 indigenous grape varieties.

For many years, Italy has topped the charts as the world’s largest producer of wine, with almost 20 percent of the world’s bottles – around double that of all the USA, yet the country is only three- quarters the length of California. And with a population of only 60 million people, Italians can’t drink all the wine they make, so nearly half is exported – and Canada is Italy’s 5th largest market!

Whether you’re a fan of Barolo or Brunello, or the wines from Sicily or Sardinia, finding a store with a top-notch selection (and the people who can help you find the right bottle) can be intimidating.

So where do we find the best selections of Italian products in BC?

With many of us staying in and looking for quality wines to drink at home, the Italian Trade Commission set out on a quest to find the liquor stores in Western Canada that have the finest selections of Italian wines, spirits, and liqueurs.

Over 300 beverage importers were asked to nominate the sales staff and their stores, to find out who is working with a wide variety of Italian wines – not just the well known producers and regions – and who really embraces what Italian wines have to offer. Then for judging, the stores with the most nominations were asked to sum up in a video of less than two minutes, their approach to Italian wine, the breadth and depth of their selection (variety of prices, uncommon wines, appellations, and producers) to encapsulate their passion.


The competition celebrates the very best liquor store selections and sommeliers with a clear Diamond Award winner, as well as two Gold Award runners up. We’re delighted to announce the BC winners:

  • Diamond Award: Legacy Liquor Store, 1633 Manitoba St, Vancouver. Sommelier: Kady Smith
  • Gold Award: Everything Wine, 8570 River District Crossing, Vancouver. Sommelier: Jordan Carrier
  • Gold Award: Village Taphouse, C1-900 Main Street, Park Royal, West Vancouver. Sommeliers: Tyler Dawson and Rich Francis


Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada – West

Top Drop Canada

Hired Belly


Learn Italian Language in Vancouver or Abroad – Adult and Children

Discover A New Side Of Yourself…

Learn Italian

We are pleased to announce that, upon popular demand,  “The only Italian language school certified by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West”, La Scuola – Vancouver Italian Language School, is back with their fun, interactive, and engaging  online Italian Classes:

  • MEET once a week online or in-person from April 10th June 25th, 2023 (11 weeks).
  • LEARN from highly experienced native Italian instructors through a proven interactive curriculum that develops your communication, listening, writing, and reading skills.
  • IMMERSE in an authentic Italian learning experience, journey through the Italian culture and interact with classmates via our Zoom class or our In-person class for a fulfilling learning experience.

NEW!!! Kids classes available upon request!


Early Bird Rate for online courses is 240$ (+5%GST) – available until April 3rd

Early Bird Rate for in-person courses is 279$ (+5%GST) – available until April 3rd

For more information write to or call 604.682.1410
(M/F from 9am to 4pm PST).

[:it]Noi parliamo italiano in 58 lingue, firmato Assocamerestero[:]

[:it]Le Camere di Commercio Italiane nel mondo sono tante, e lavorano insieme come una grande famiglia capace di supportare ogni tipo di progetto in varie parti del mondo.

Ma in quante lingue sono capaci di comunicare le Camere di Commercio?

Assocamerestero, l`Associazione delle Camere di Commercio Italiane all`Estero, ne ha contate ben 58, tante quanti sono i Paesi dove queste strutture sono presenti, che si riuniscono a livello continentale in:

  • Asia;
  • Centro e Sud America;
  • Europa;
  • Medio Oriente e Africa;
  • Nord America;
  • Oceania.


Parlare Italiano in 58 Lingue con Assocamere

Entra anche tu nella nostra grande piattaforma mondiale di business che conta più di 20.000 aziende iscritte, ti aspettiamo anche in Canada West!


Thank you for Participating in Italian Design Days @IDS

As we celebrate a successful conclusion of Italian Design Days @IDS, The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada-West team would like to thank you for attending the event. We truly appreciate your support, and we hope you had fun.

SPECIAL THANKS to the participating showrooms: Montauk Sofa Vancouver/ Valcucine,Habitat by AEON, Cappelleria Bertacchi, Ambry Interiors, Poliform Vancouver, LightForm Vancouver, Armani/Casa Vancouver as well as IDS Vancouver for their participation, collaboration and support and most of all, for introducing the exclusive Italian Design to Canada West design enthusiasts.

WARM THANKS to our bellow sponsors:

Italian Design Days Wine Sponsors

We really hope you had fun, felt safe, enjoyed these unique open house and webinar events, and that the event increased your knowledge and understanding of the Italian Design!

You will be able to see all the pictures of all the “Italian Design Days @IDS” events on our website starting from next week, clicking here

If you have any pictures, feel free to tag us on our social media. Make sure you are following us on FB, IG and LinkedIn, so that you are not missing out on any updates or interesting news about Italian Design!

Sign up for our Newsletter to get interesting news and updates about Italian Design delivered directly to your inbox, every month! Click here to Subscribe

Visit the renovated platform “Italian Design Map” to find the best of Italian Design around you! Check out the Website here

Foto IDS 2

Looking forward to meeting you again at our upcoming event

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West has partnered with Boulevard Magazine to promote the Italian feature section in their upcoming October/November issue of both English and Chinese editions.

At 40,000 copies, Boulevard Magazine is the deepest reach of any Chinese language magazine in Metro Vancouver. Combined with high production values and custom content, Boulevard magazine help position your brand with the expanding Chinese market.

The Magazine’s distribution reflects the powerful and active buying community of new Chinese who are looking to purchase automobiles, homes, home decor and furnishings just to start. It focuses its distribution heavily on high end car dealerships, real estate offices, shopping malls, casinos, furnishing showrooms and even YVR Airport to reflect the frequent travel habits of this audience.

Upto 50% Discount for Our Members

To enable our member companies better take advantage of this promotional opportunity we have extended our partnership with the Boulevard Magazine to offer our members – who represent and distribute “Made in Italy” products in Western Canada – up to 50% off of advertising / advertorial cost with a possibility of arranging for a special editorial/advertorial or an interview featuring your company or products you represent in Canada.

Does My Company Benefit From This?

Boulevard Magazine is distributed specifically to targeted high-end homes, real estate offices, home décor showrooms and display suites in new developments, YVR Airport and luxury car dealerships. The Boulevard’s readership perfectly matches the target market for premium quality Italian food & wine as well as the high-end/luxury “Made in Italy” fashion and interior design products.

Reaching Out to Even More Audiences with Our Promotional Campaigns

There will be an excellent cross promotional opportunity for additional exposure in other media outlets and participating retail outlets given various promotional initiatives that will be put in place (see below) during the months of October-November, such as the promotional campaigns at BC Liquor Stores, Urban Fare Stores, Open Table platform, participating Italian grocery stores, Italian restaurants and luxury Italian interior and fashion design showrooms (Armani Casa, Ambry Interiors, Cappelleria Bertacchi, LightformPoliform, Valcucine), as well as promotions in the Interior Design Show IDS West Newsletter, the Italian Chamber’s and Italian Consulate’s websites, newsletters and social media.

MORE Fall Promotional Activities

This Promotional Partnership will coincide with additional promotional activities organized by our Chamber this Fall to maximize the visibility of authentic high quality “Made in Italy” products in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area.

These promotional activities include:

Line Decoration Bottom

  • The Flavours of Italy – Italian Wine Classics
  • Italian Design Days
  • The World Week of Italian Cuisine featuring “Mystery Italian Box” campaign and special authentic Italian menu at participating local Italian restaurants, promoting at the same time all member businesses that collaborate with us on organizing these events.



Boulevard Magazine Feature Of Italian Luxury

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or calling at 604-682-1410 if you have any questions.

Wholesale and Distribution Opportunity for Quality Italian Foods in Canada West

Interested in becoming an agent, distributor, or dealer for quality Made In Italy food products?

These Italian companies are currently looking for distributors in Western Canada.

Cerreto Bio

Italian Tradition Pack Cerreto Organic Food

12 Lines of Quality Organic Products

Established in 1976, Cerreto Bio is a certified supplier known as a pioneer of organic food in Italy. The company offers Organic Lovers the taste of homemade food with the guarantee of a controlled selection. Their innovative products and cutting-edge gastronomic choices include 100% organic, microwaveable and ready-to-cook main courses, preparations for veggie burger, sauces and tasty vegetable drinks.

Behind Our Products, There Is A Long History Of Passion For Quality

Tomitaly search for the excellence of raw materials produced in the Italian fields and processed in Italy, in particular, all those niche foods, produced with short and certified supply chains, that can best represent the many regional flavours. Tomato preserves, preserved vegetables and pulses, flour, caffè ghiacciato are some of the products of Tomitaly.


Tomato Packaging Tomitaly

Salumificio Giovanni Ferrari

Etichetta Nera Riserva Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma 18

If our prosciuttos are so appreciated, there must be a reason.

Quality has no secrets. Salumificio Giovanni Ferrari became members of the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium in 1979:a trademark that guarantees want authentic ‘Prosciutto di Parma’. Prosciutto Ferrari are hand-made following traditional methods handed down through the generations for preparing, preserving and salting meat.

If you are interested, please contact or call us at 604.682.1410.

Partnership with GRUPPO GALILEO (NABA) for Art, Fashion and Design programs in Canada

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West is excited to announce its new partnership with GRUPPO GALILEO (NABA – Nuova Accademia Belle Arti, Domus Academy & Istituto Marangoni).

ICCCW will be representing Gruppo Galileo’s extensive offer of Art, Fashion and Design programs in Canada and promote exclusive events and opportunities for Canadian designers and design lovers.

About NABA

NABA’s Online Summer Courses About Naba 2

The largest private Academy in Italy,  NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, is the first one to have been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), back in 1981. As a recognized Academy, NABA offers academic diplomas equivalent to first and second level university degrees in the fields of design, fashion design, graphics and communication, multimedia arts, set design. NABA’s interdisciplinary didactic methodology is the result of a strong inclination towards innovation and a dynamic interaction with the artistic and professional context, made possible also thanks to the continuously updated expertise of the faculty, including professional practitioners and artists.

NABA was selected by Domus Magazine as one of Europe’s Top 100 schools of Architecture and Design, and included by Frame Publishers in the Guide to the 30 World’s Leading Graduate Design and Fashion Schools.

Online Summer Courses 2020

NABA Online Summer Courses 2020 offer four of NABA’s most celebrated courses in the Interior Design and Fashion Image & Styling paths. The courses grant a condensed and blended learning version of the most significant trends of design of spaces and resilience design along with introductory and intermediate level courses on Fashion Image & Styling with the chance to experiment with a relevant project-theme.

NABA Online Summer Courses 2020 are intensive research and project-based trainings, which include:

• INTRODUCTORY LEVEL COURSE: intended for students without any academic background in the specific subject area and for students attending their first year of university studies in Art and Design

•• INTERMEDIATE LEVEL COURSES: for students with some background in that specific subject area and to students attending or having completed one or two years of their university studies in Art and Design who are keen on building upon this through hands-on training experience

••• ADVANCED LEVEL COURSE: for final year university students or those with some initial work experience in the field willing to explore new opportunities combining strategy and creativity.

NABA Academic System is based on CFA credits (1 CFA = 1 ECTS). NABA can award credits for Online Summer Courses 2020, so it will be easier for students to transfer their credits to other Universities and Academies that use or acknowledge the ECTS system. 



All courses will start on the 31st of August and end on the 11th of September 2020.

Application deadline: August 21st, 2020!


€ 750 tuition fee for a 2-week session

The fees include: online class work, lectures and virtual visits, when relevant, included in the program. Total fees are due by the start date of the course and under no circumstances students who have not finalized the payment will be admitted into class.


You can apply to NABA Online Summer Courses by filling our online application.


As we celebrate a successful conclusion of ‘Flavours of Italy’ 2020 in-store promotion, The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West would like to THANK everyone who participated in our in-store promotion and our virtual tour of exclusive selection of wines of the Region of Emilia Romagna.

SPECIAL THANKS to the participating wine agents: Stile Brands, World Wine Synergy, Empson Canada, Breakthru Beverage Canada, Crush Imports, Bonvida Wines as well as BC liquor Stores for their participation, collaboration and support and most of all, for introducing the exclusive flavours of Italy, Wines of the Emilia Romagna region, to Canada West wine enthusiasts.

WARM THANKS to our giveaway sponsors, Taste Vancouver Food Tours and Sciue’ Vancouver.

We hope you enjoyed the promotional offers and that the 2020 edition of ‘Flavours of Italy’ increased your knowledge and understanding of Wines of the Emilia Romagna region.

To all our attendees, we really hope you had fun, enjoyed this unique Zoom gathering, and that the event increased your knowledge and understanding of the Italian Cuisine and the Italian Culture!


Looking forward to meeting you again at our upcoming event