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Wednesday 13 June 2018, from 9.00 to 13.00

Sala Industria – Chamber of Commerce of Verona, Corso Porta Nuova, 96 – Verona


The seminar is organized by the Delegation of Québec in Italy in collaboration with Confindustria Verona and is aimed primarily at Italian companies and bodies interested in investing or concluding partnerships with Québec. In this regard, various issues will be addressed: the economic and traderelations between Italy and Québec in the CETA era, Québec’s economic strategies and investment opportunities, the circulation of people, goods and services, the technical aspects related to immigration.


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Economic Agreement Canada – Ue:

Business Opportunities for Italian Companies 

FLORENCE 12 JUNE 2018 – from 9.30 to 13.00

Gabinetto Vieusseux – Sala Ferri, Palazzo Strozzi




Promoted by the Centro Studi Italia Canada and by CNA Florence, in the prestigious Palazzo Strozzi in Florence and under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence, will be held on June 12 the seminar “Economic Agreement Canada-EU: Business Opportunities for Italian Enterprises.” Experts and professionals in the field of international trade will present the Free Trade Agreement CETA and the benefits for Italian companies in terms of economic growth and competitiveness. 

Italy is today the 8th worldwide supplier in Canada and the 12th destination market for Canadian products. Starting from this premise, on June 12th in Florence, we will offer an opportunity to discuss the main measures introduced by CETA, on the possibilities of activating business partnerships, providing an overview of how to invest and access credit. A focus will be dedicated to internationalization opportunities for Italian companies in the Canadian province of Québec. 

Speakers include:

• Giacomo Cioni, President, CNA Florence

• Paolo Quattrocchi, partner Nctm Studio Legale, Director of Centro Studi Italia-Canada;

• Arturo Galansino, Director General of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation

• Jan Scazighino, Minister Counselor for Economic Relations, Embassy of Canada in Italy

• Luca De Carli, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG TRADE

• Marianna Simeone, Delegate of Québec in Italy

• Lucia Baldino, Director of Europe, Desjardins

• Fabrizio Toti, Area Manager, JAS

• Noemi Trombetti, Inspection Trading Auditing – ITA Corporation



The CETA agreement is a comprehensive economic and trade agreement between the EU and Canada and entered into force provisionally on 21 September 2017. 

The objectives of CETA are the 99% elimination of customs duties, the opening of public tenders to the companies involved, the opening of the services markets, the opening of the market for agri-food products and the recognition of a series of products with European geographical indications and therefore the protection from counterfeiting, the simplification of the entry of European workers in Canada also through the recognition of some professional qualifications, the promotion of investments also through the definition of certain rules to protect investors. 

5 months after the implementation of CETA (Oct 2017-Feb 2018), the ICE Office of Toronto has elaborated the first data related to the economic-commercial relations between Italy and Canada, highlighting the positive impact that the new measures have had for the Italian economy.

Imports and exports between Canada and Italy recorded a positive trend in market trends: + 12.8% of Italian exports to Canada, $ 3.430 mln CAD, compared to the same period of the previous year, $ 3.039 mln CAD, while slower is the growth of Italian imports from Canada, + 2.5%, equal to $ 1.107 million CAD, compared to the previous year, $ 1,080 million CAD. 

In addition, the data shows that the sectors that have benefited most from the almost total liberalization of the market, are the machinery (+ 8%), the agri-food industry (+ 15%) and the means of transportation (+ 15%). For example, in the agrifood sector, Italy has achieved a position of excellence: 4th global supplier and 1st European supplier of Canada, with a total value of $ 581 million CAD in the period analyzed by ICE-agency.



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For the organizational contribution we thank FAIR, MBH, NCTM.

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The Enit Workshop Italia in Vancouver

Workshop ITALIA 2018: a day of B2B meetings with sector operators for the promotion of tourist flows between Italy and Canada


ENIT-The Italian Government Tourist Board, confirming our country’s attention for the Canadian market, is dedicating significant resources to tourism promotion and commercialization through the regular organization of sector workshops. 

As part of the ENIT promotion and marketing plan for Canada, the Workshop ITALIA 2018 was held on 12 April at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront in Vancouver. The event, attended by many Canadian and Italian operators, had as objective the creation of opportunities for the meeting of tourism demand and supply between the two countries.

The B2B meetings, with about 70 Canadian demand operators, were preceded by a multimedia briefing dedicated to Italians operators, with the aim to deepen the socio-demographic characteristics of Canada taking into account the main macroeconomic and sector indicators.

After that, the ENIT representatives presented the 2018 image campaign and the promotional plans for the Canadian market, which was also attended by the Consul General of Italy in Vancouver, Massimiliano Iacchini.


Canada is strengthened as a global center of technological innovation at the Aerospace Innovation Forum 2018 in Montreal, the world’s strategic event of the aerospace cluster dedicated this year to the most innovative technologies in the industry.


It is the B2B strategic event that gathers the leaders of the world aerospace industry to discuss the best practices of the sector and generate new business opportunities. The sixth edition of the Aerospace Innovation Forum took place on April 16 and 17 in Montréal, organized by AéroMontréal (Québec aerospace cluster) at the opening of the International Aerospace Week. Since 2006, the Forum has mobilized the Canadian aerospace industry and supports its growth and influence on the international scene of the industry. Just in the previous edition of 2016, at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, the event counted 1200 participants, 50 exhibiting companies, 80 international speakers and 1400 B2B meetings. 


The themes of the Aerospace Innovation Forum 2018

Airbus, Bombardier and Ernst & Young were the main partners of the Forum this year, organized in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada (NRC), whose program focused on the issue of disruptive technologies, the most innovative in aerospace and their impact on other economic sectors. Six technologies have emerged with the greatest potential for transformation of the industry:


1. Advanced production: new generation intelligent robotic systems, artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning), Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing;

2. Vehicles with additive manufacturing: 3D data models to meet the challenges of certification, production scales and new materials;

3. Clean technologies: solutions and technologies related to emissions, energy consumption, noise, reuse and recycling of waste;

4. Big data for mobility, aviation and space: commercial evaluation of the data generated during operation (through sensors) through the development of machine learning and data mining solutions;

5. On-demand autonomy and mobility: design, production and marketing of infrastructure and components for on-demand vehicles and autonomous systems based on a vertical take-off and landing vehicle network (VTOL);

6. Design and virtual testing: synthetic environments, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve design and certification, on-demand autonomous mobility and eco-technology programs.


Visitors to the Forum had the opportunity to participate in top-level events, including plenary sessions, conferences, workshops and B2B meetings with the world’s leading industrial players, including Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Bombardier, CAE, Embraer, GE Aviation, L-3 MAS, NASA, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce and Uber. They also had access to an exhibition space and networking opportunities, holding a conversation during the Forum with more than 1,400 business meetings between SMEs in Quebec and the major global clients.


The entrepreneurial Italian mission

An Italian entrepreneurial mission also arrived to Montreal to take part at the week dedicated to aerospace innovation. The delegation organized by the Government of Québec, in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Italy and with AIAD (Federation of Italian Companies for Aerospace, Defense and Security) has been following the Forum on 16 and 17 April and was involved in networking activities. The Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) of the Government of Québec with the support of AéroMontréal has also organized for the Italian companies a two-day visit to some companies operating in the aerospace industry of the Canadian Province, innovation leader in the field and ranked fourth in the world by revenue.


The aerospace industry in Canada

The Canadian aerospace industry consists of 700 companies, 28 billion dollars of gross domestic product and over 200 thousand employees. With these numbers, Canada stands as one of the best industrial ecosystems in the aerospace industry.

The federal government is supporting innovation in the aerospace industry and is working to attract investments in this important sector of the economy, focusing on technology, talent and the infrastructure needed to guide the future of this innovative sector.

For example, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, based in Mirabel, Quebec, since 1986, has produced more than 5000 commercial helicopters for customers from around the world. This type of investment in production is mainly carried out through the Strategic Innovation Fund of the Canadian government, which aims to stimulate economic growth, strengthen and expand the role of Canadian companies in global supply chains, supporting economic strategies and attract investment able to create new jobs.

In addition to the Strategic Innovation Fund, they were established hundreds of programs and services to help companies to innovate, create jobs and stimulate the Canadian economy. Initiatives aimed at developing an increasingly qualified workforce, the result of collaboration between industry and universities, with the ultimate goal of strengthening Canada’s position as a global innovation hub.


New investments by the Canadian Federal Government

During the Forum, the Canadian Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains, announced a $ 49.5 million loan to a consortium of aerospace companies led by the aforementioned Bell Helicopter Textron Canada. 

Thanks to these funds, Bell and 18 industrial and academic partners will develop innovative technologies for new generation helicopters able to fly with or without crew, as well as flight systems that will increase aircraft energy efficiency, they will make its use more sustainable by the environmental point of view, also reducing noise pollution.

The announced investments are expected to create more than 300 jobs in Canada, totaling nearly $ 200 million in gross domestic product over the next five years and strengthening Canada’s position as a global innovation hub. During this project, Bell and its partners will invest $ 125 million in the Canadian aerospace industry.

The industrial and academic consortium partners include Pratt & Whitney Canada, CMC Electronics, an Esterline Electronic Systems, several small and medium-sized enterprises and nine Canadian universities.

Canada towards a free trade agreement with MERCOSUR

The Canadian trade policy is constantly evolving and aims to strengthen its networkthrough the signing of free trade agreement. After CETA, TPP11 and other agreements under negotiation, (NAFTA, Canada-CARICOM, etc.), Canada started an initial exploratory phase for the conclusion of a free trade agreement with the trading bloc MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market), which includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. 

Last February 23, the Minister of International Trade of Canada, François-Philippe Champagne, announced the positive outcome of this first contact: the common intention to deepen trade relations, expressed through a Canada-Mercosur joint statement, issued on the sidelines the World Trade Organization meetings held in Marrakesh in October 2017.

The intensification of dialogue with the world’s fourth largest trade bloc, with 260 million people and a GDP of over than 3 trillion dollars, represents for Canada an opportunity for a new market in fast-growing countries and a further increase in employment for the Canadian middle class. From auto spare parts to chemical products, from wood to seafood, this important market is indeed mature for Canadian products and producers. But a potential free trade agreement would also benefit the Mercosur countries, thanks to a reduction in prices on many of the exports to Canada, for the benefit of Canadian consumers who would have the opportunity to access to clothing or furniture products at more affordable prices. 

As reiterated by the Minister Champagne: “Canada is engaged in a progressive and diversified business agenda that focuses on the interests of the Canadian middle class. More trade means growth, and growth means more jobs, which is why the government continues to explore new opportunities to negotiate free trade agreements with fast-growing global markets. “

GLOBE Forum & Expo 2018: networking, business opportunities and the most important news on the use of energy while respecting the environment

From 14 to 16 March the GLOBE Forum and Expo 2018, the world event on sustainability, is held in Vancouver. The ICE-Agency, Toronto Office, with the support of the ICCC of Vancouver, promoted and organized the participation of an Italian business representation.


On 14 March the GLOBE 2018 event opens in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Center (BC), organized both as a forum and as an expo and dedicated to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and B2B networking opportunities.
Produced by the GLOBE Series in Vancouver, the GLOBE Forum and Innovation Expo is proposed as the reference event for companies, all levels of government, NGOs, international agencies, technological innovators and the financial community, on issues related to the risk management and transformation into opportunities for the transition to a clean and sustainable economy. 
The sectors involved in the 2018 edition are: Sustainable Mobility, Smart / Performance Buildings, Innovation and Water Efficiency, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), Smart Grid / Micro-Grid. Canada, the country that organizes and hosts the event, is firmly committed to Cleantech, a sector of excellence in the entire Canadian business structure, both at a multinational level and a small and medium-sized enterprise, in constant and rapid development and with a market which is worth about $ 29 billion and employs 166,000 people.

In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Milan-PROMOS, ICE-Italian Trade Agency organized a mission of Italian enterprises to participate at the event with the possibility to meet Canadian and worldwide companies in B2B meeting in “Italia” stand. In addition, the Consulate General of Italy in Vancouver and ICE-Italian Trade Agency will lead to Globe 2018 as keynote speaker Mrs. Hana Narvaez, a representative of “Stefano Boeri Architetti”, a prestigious architectural firm of Milan whose innovative works and sustainable construction have reached international resonance.

 ICE-agency organized the participation of Italian entrepreneurs in the industry  and set up a stand “Italy” in which the participating Italian companies held B2B meetings with Canadian firms or from other parts of the world.
In support of ICE-Agency in the promotion in Italy of GLOBE 2018 and in the organization of networking activities for Italian companies, there will be the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver, also involved in the implementation, in collaboration with the EU Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, EU delegation in Ottawa and BC MInistry of Jobs, Trade and Technology, of the seminar “CETA, Innovation and the Environment – opportunities for innovative clean-tech SME’s under enhanced EU-Canada cooperation”. 
The seminar, which will take place on March 15 at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, is primarily aimed at European companies in the cleantech sector intersted in Canada and British Columbia, the Canadian province very sensitive to the green theme. 

The 2018 edition of GLOBE will benefit of an important added value for relations between Italy and Canada: the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). The economic and trade agreement, signed October 30, 2016, has strengthened the relationship between the European Union (Italy) and Canada. The provisions of CETA, which have been provisionally implemented since 21 September 2017, open the markets and cut the costs and procedures for the transfer of goods, investments and people through the almost complete abolition of tariff barriers (98%), the facilitation of investment, easier transfer of human capital as well as know-how and protection of intellectual property for trademarks and patents. 
Also with specific reference to the energy sector and to the green economy, CETA facilitates the encounter between European and Canadian operators, with a view to commercial expansion and economic growth, in the respect and protection of Community, federal, national and provincial policies. 






“Canadian Day”

Canadian Day – CETA and new business opportunities with Canada 

Thursday, March 29, 2018 9.00 am
Confcommercio Union – Sala Colucci (Corso Venezia, 47 – Milan)

CETA and the new business opportunities with Canada for Italian companies will be the focus of a meeting organized on March 29th in Milan by AICE – Italian Association of Foreign Trade, in collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Italy. 

The objective of the event, hosted at the Unione Confcommercio headquarters, is to inform Italian companies on the main points of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the agreement signed between the European Union and Canada on 30 October 2016, illustrating the characteristics of the Canadian market, the methods of exporting and importing goods and services, giving useful suggestions to promote the presence and strategies of internationalization of Italian companies in Canada. 

CETA, which is now on provisional execution as of 21 September, will produce its effects and benefits on European companies and, obviously, to Italian companies, thanks to the reduction of tariff barriers, the protection of intellectual property, the opening, European companies, public sector calls for tenders at all levels, recognition of professional qualifications. 

Among the speakers will intervene the lawyer Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner of Nctm Law Firm, director of the Centro Studi Italia Canada and vice-president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada West, active for a long time in Italy-Canada relations and with a great experience in cross-border transactions with the North American country. 
There will be also, testimonies from Italian operators involved in import / export with Canada.


Lionella Bertazzon, Senior Investment Officer Embassy of Canada in Italy

Luca De Carli, Deputy Head of Unit – Trade Strategy at European Commission – DG Trade 

Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner of Nctm Studio Legale, director of the Centro Studi Italia Canada 

Riccardo Massetti, Ocean Choice International Exporting company (TBC) 

Luigi Merati, Sales Manager JAS Spa 


Program and application form

Business Summit 2018

The business leaders of the G7 meet in Quebec City on April 5th and 6th. The Business Summit 2018, organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, represents the business and corporate world and anticipates the political G7 summit in June chaired by Canada.


In view of the Canadian presidency of the G-7, scheduled for the 8th and 9th June in La Malbaie in Quebec, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is organizing on 5 and 6 April in Quebec City, the Business Leaders Summit – B7, which brings together delegations from the business associations from each of the G7 countries and anticipates annual political summit, to develop recommendations and proposals from from the business and entrepreneurial world. 

The B7 2018 will be co-chaired by Monique F. Leroux, Chair of the Board of Investissement Québec and president of the Quebec Economic and Innovation Council and Dawn Farrell, president and CEO of TransAlta Corporation and Director of the Business Council of Canada.

The themes at the heart of the business world recommendations will be resource efficiency, inclusive growth and the growth of small businesses. The works will be focused, also in continuity with the 2018 edition of B7 organized in Rome by Confindustria, on the exploitation of natural resources, the circular economy and energy efficiency; the priorities of trade and investment with in terms of sustainability and social inclusion; the renewal of the global entrepreneurial agenda with particular attention to small and medium-entreprises and no longer traditionally oriented only on horizontal issues.

Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the B7 business summit host committee, said with entusiasm: “The work of the B7 is vital to informing the policy decisions of our nations’ leaders and to creating the conditions required for business to grow, and our countries to prosper” 

The Italian delegation of Confindustria, which could be present in Quebec City, is composed of the president Vincenzo Boccia, Carlo Robiglio, president of Piccola Industria, Licia Mattioli, vice president for International Affairs, Giulio Pedrollo, vice president for Industrial Policy and general manager Marcella Panucci. 

The Final Declaration of the summit will be presented by the Canadian premier Justin Trudeau and presented and distributed at a joint press conference with all the leaders of the partecipating industrial organizations which will take place on April 6th.